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PT. Anugrah Wijaya Lestari 021-62201569

Company Profile


Providing the best support and solution for users of generator sets in all parts of Indonesia, with professional, reliable, friendly and responsive human resource service with competitive product pricing.


Being a leader and having the best work ethic in providing support and solutions for generator users in Indonesia


1. Trust above all else

A business relationship can last long because of the trust of both parties. And we understand that trust is not just a mere speech, but it must be proven by action. Here we as a seller will fulfill all our obligations with the best without any intention at all to harm the buyers, because we believe that good relationship is the key of a successful business.

2. Friendly and reliable service

In response to responses prospective buyers and our clients, a polite and friendly attitude is an obligation to us. Your satisfaction is our pride.

3. Quality spare parts in accordance with the standard manufacturer

In addition we provide competitive prices, we also will not take risks by providing spare parts that are not in accordance with the standard factory just for the pursuit of profit. Quality spare parts that are not standard factory / bad quality will provide our own difficulties as a seller in the future.

4. Professional services

In doing servicing generator set, we will prove to customers that replaced parts are indeed time to be replaced. Our work is done in place (except for certain items), so you can watch the progress of the repair engine with the supervision of the users themselves. Our mechanics are ready to serve your genset needs professionally, fast and responsive. We provide job guarantees to prove that the experience for more than 30 years is not an easy thing to achieve. 


Business License No: 03528-03 / PK / 1.824.271

Minister of Justice Decree No: AHU-55416.AH.01.01