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Inverter is the present solution for your home electrical needs.

Why do you need Inverter?

Have you ever been working behind a computer screen, or playing a game console, or was watching your favorite show on television, or was doing some electrical work, suddenly the power went out, and you were forced to bite your finger from having to retype the job you, or repeat your game to the previous save point, or get annoyed because your television show is disconnected and can not watch anymore. Of course it is very annoying!

To overcome these things there are 2 commonly used solutions:

1. Using a genset with sophisticated AMF ATS system:

And of course you have to dig deep into your pockets, because this solution is relatively expensive and not effective for home capacity. In addition, lack of understanding, forgetting or reluctance to maintain gensets and panels can be fatal, such as: house fires and exhaust gas toxicity. In addition, the difficulty of getting fuel, a generator that does not turn on when it is needed, or an automated panel that breaks its components, is certainly very annoying, and makes genset that should help you in the event of power outages into unreliable tools when needed.

2. Using inverter paired with batteries:

This way is much more effective, easier, safer, and relatively cheaper than the first way. You just connect this inverter to the home switch and battery, and you will be free from power outages during the capacity of the batteries you buy. On average for 3000 watts with 100A batteries, your electricity will stay on for about 30 minutes without you having a "blank spot" that keeps your electronic appliance restarted or off. Imagine you can have such a sophisticated system at a relatively cheaper price and a much more efficient tool. For easy maintenance, almost no treatment. What you need to pay attention to is your batteries condition only, and that too only 1 year. Very practical is not it ?

The inverter working system is storing the electrical current at the time of on charge (main electric turns on) and convert electricity from batteries (DC) into electricity active consumption (AC). With this simple system you will never again have a sudden power outage.